Leased Lines are a form of dedicated Internet connection, to ensure businesses have an 'always on., reliable, unshared and dedicated Internet connection

However the tides are changing, as technology evolves costs of providing services have fallen. Add to that the importance of a reliable Internet to business and the productivity importovements of a fast connection, we're now installing Leased Lines into SME's and even sole traders.

A Leased Line will help your business, every increase in speed reduces the time staff wait for their screen to update, this in turn means employees can work faster and be more productive.....A recent study estimated £11 billion a year was lost due to poor quality Internet

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A business grade link to the information superhighway

Connecting you to the Internert using a dedicated line, available to 100% of the UK, monitored and managed 24/7.

What make it special?
  • Consistent speeds
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Service level agreement
  • Fast upload
  • Low latency
  • Business-class support
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