If broadband is not available to your town, street or even apartment building, we can provide your community with a cost effective solution, complete with 24x7 support.

We're have many methods of providing community broadband packages to areas of the UK not currently benefiting from BT Openreachs FTTC roll out. Through mutual co-operation we're able to provide reliable, quality Internet services to community projects from as little as 20 users through to small towns and villages

We supply and install the complete solution from design to on going operation and complete 24 hour support. As far as possible installation costs are amortised and our service can also include phone line rental.

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Community broadband, professionally delivered with no upfront cost.

We invest in providing connectivity to your community and provide it with high speed competitively priced broadband.

Community broadband
  • Full project management
  • Speeds 25-100Mb
  • Minimum 20 users
  • Co-operative approach
  • Fast service roll out
  • Low cost
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